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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 specifications

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Specifications and features:

let’s see first how much core comes with snapdragon 845 because we fight each other for cores and says that i have 8 cores,i have10 cores, i have 4 qualcomm snapdragon 845 comes with 8 cores which is octa-core processor.and in that sense first four high power cores powered on 2.8GHZ which is 25-30% performance uplift and other four cores with are 1.8 GHZ which is 15% performance uplifiting power.which is based on 10 nano meter technology.

Qualcomm snapdragon 845 comes with Adreno 630 visual processing subsystem.that is significant upgrades in power and performance.which have 30% better graphics performance and which is save the mobile phone battery and that 30% power reduction.and other thinf that 2.5* faster display performance.

Qualcomm snapdragon X20 LTE MODEM with our most advance wireless feature set ever in a mobile phone and it’s 2nd generation Gigabit LTE come with multi-gigabit qualcomm wifi and it’s true wireless.which have another feature that we can use downloading speed 1.2 GHz per second speed.and uploads speed 1.5 GHz that is real in mobiles phone and 20% improve peak speed and ever get in sneapdragon 845.but in that real sense in india we can’t reach that speed beacuase networe issue and users’s supported dual VOLTE sim.we can use Bluetooth which is connect other multi Bluetooth headset and speaker in individually that unbelievable features come in processor.

Specra 280 ISPĀ use in this processor so that we can capture video recording in 4K with 60 fps and 720p recording in 480 fps and capture images in still 16 megapixel camera that we can use mobile phones smoothly and play games which are high graphics in that sense 4K video can imaging that how much this processor can doing with this.

If i say about charging performance it able to charge our phones 50% with in 15 minutes so that leading charging method. it comes with 150 mobiles phone.and charge phone with quick-charge 4.0 because it have 4.0 USB port so in that cases single USB in your own phone.

Snapdragon 845 which is high performance powerful processor which improve in network speed,camera performance in capture inmages or video recording,other things that improve battery life,battery performance,gaming that Qualcomm snapdragon 845 attacks on all that bases so all over performance which will more smooth.because this much more powerful processor so that it comes in laptop even in that it is complete packge of Qualcomm snapdragon 845.

first smart-phone come with snapdragon 845 is MI 7. to the next we can see samsung galaxy S9, galaxy NOTE 9,LG G7, ONE PLUS 6, and other.keep connect with this site.let’s see in other article.




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